Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A would be Happy Birthday!

We woke up a bit sad this morning, today, the 1st March, would have been Pam's (Al's mum) 87th Birthday, so many happy returns Mum and hope you're having fun with Dad today.. We miss you both!
It was pouring with rain where we were so it was decided it would be a stay put day.. Tooty was pleased as he had just got used to the area..
We had breakfast, and just as the rain stopped and the winds started we took the opportunity to pick up a couple of bags of coal, as we were due a cold snap and we needed to keep the fire in overnight.. We went to the local marina next to us, but had to pay twelve pounds a bag for the privilege, needs must!
Tooty is now on walkabouts where we are, but soon comes running back in when he gets spooked by ducks, swans, dogs and even moorhens.... all this was so new to him.. He spent most of the day just looking out of the cratch window.
Al cooked a lovely dinner in the evening sunset and we chilled with a sing song and a few beers, and lit a candle for Mum
 "Cheers Pamela, Happy Birthday and send our love to Alf"


Chas and Ann said...

I bet you are happy to be back on board! We had a cat once and thought we had lost her. She was only up a tree looking down at us looking for her!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely black cat. You will find that many cats like to go out when it is dark. A fluorescent collar or one with a bell with give you an idea of where he is. A routine of biscuits at bedtime can encourage your cat to come in. Opening the cratch cover on the landside helps prevent an early swim. Most cats seem to know without being told that the 'big wet' is to be avoided, and usually they get themselves out of the water when necessary. The longer you stay in one place, the wider their 'territory' will become.
Obviously avoid mooring by roads and also canal junctions, bridges too. One of my cats got lost at Hawkesbury (fortunately later found), I'm sure because we were so close to the junction. If the edge is very high and has a piled/smooth surface, consider putting down a small rope fender to aid climbing out.
Also consider having Tooter wear a collar (if he will) with a tag bearing a telephone number and, if not already done, getting him micro chipped. These simple steps can make an immense difference to your chances of getting him back if he should happen to get lost.
With best wishes, Marty - a long time holiday boater with cats

KevinTOO said...

Can I suggest you get in touch with Jill ( and talk to her about the CAT TRACKER that I discovered and suggested she buy as a present for Daisey.... :)

Les Biggs said...

Hi there
Doing a tour of blogs and so nice to see you back. Hold your heads up high you both did a fantastic job with mum. Best of everything to you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi been thinking of you and Pam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxTerry and Ron

Del and Al said...

Hi Chas & Ann, that's funny, and typical of cats!

Thanks Marty for all the great tips. Tooty is already chipped but I'm going to try him with a fluorescent collar as well.

Thanks Kevin, going to look into that....

Hi Les & Jaq, thank you, hope to see you sometime this year

Thanks Terry & Ron xxx