Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday's and Hogroast

We travelled down to Kent on the Friday to see Al's Mum and Dad and get a few jobs sorted out..  Al also had to have a blood test done. We stayed the night and then after sorting out a few more bits we went down to Bernie and Sarah's where we were meeting up to go to a beer festival and hogroast at Del's brother Cliff's..
We also met up with Samuel who's Birthday it was on Friday.. he got a new guitar for his birthday and was putting it into practice with the entertainment at the hogroast..
We got back to Bernie and Sarah's in the evening and stayed there the night..In the morning it was Hannah's 20th Birthday and she was going out with a few of us to eat at a restaurant in Maidstone

We were up early the next day and after dropping Sarah off at work we headed back to Al's Mum and Dad's. While Del was painting the shed, Al took her Dad, Alf, back to kings collage hospital in London for a consultation as to whether he has more treatment on a minuet tumor they have found on the last scan. The verdict is that he will have it treated under a full general and it should get rid of it once and for all..  We stayed with them for the night.
We were up early the next morning as we planned to get he train back to Derwent6. We were dropped off by Alf and had no problems getting up to London. When we got on the tube there was a signal problem and we ended up travelling half way round London to get to Euston and we missed our train. We had booked advanced tickets and thought we might have to pay again, but after asking at London Midland they said that we needed a bit of paper from the London Underground to prove the fault was theirs. We then got replacement tickets for a fast train back to Rugby. When we got off it was raining cats and dogs as we walked the mile back to Derwent6. We got on and first stuck the heating on followed quickly by the fire loaded with wood.. It took us an hour and a half to get Derwent6 up to temperature.. Oh but when it was it was lovely..  We wanted to move in the afternoon but the weather was so bad. We have very little water and a full waste tank and also Al has picked up a bit of a chesty cough over the weekend somewhere and had to go to bed early with honey and lemon. Lets hope things are better tomorrow..

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