Sunday, February 02, 2014

No Chance!

Al didn't have a very good night due to the fact that she felt rough. She has had a chesty cough and feeling very hot and cold so Del got the honey and lemon out and she snuggled down for a bit.. It didn't help that it was very wet outside and it was that horrid drizzle where you get soaked.. So plans for moving off today went out of the window. Al got up at 10.00am and we watched the weather to see if there would be a break in it.. No chance! So we have no water, a full waste tank, and no food on board, oh well it could be worse, we might have run out of coal.. It has been a lot colder today so we were pleased to have the fire going, even though we are on our last logs of wood.. Al got her head down again this afternoon so lets hope she feels better for tomorrow when we have to move no matter what!!!

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Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi you two! Just catching up with my blog reading. You must be so relieved Al that your dad's test came up with so little and something that can be dealt with quickly (let's hope) and effectively. Sorry to hear you are feeling ill. Stay warm nd dry, and hopefully those lemon and honey toddys Del is making will set you right soon.