Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Decks are Down

Ohhh Christmas ends today.. So we were up early as the wind had been battering us around all night and wasn't going to let off this morning. We had breakfast and then set about the task of taking down the Christmas decorations.. It all went away under the settee very nicely even though we have a few extras.. I suppose for the next three weeks we will be finding bits of tinsel all over Derwent6.
So what did we treat ourselves to over Christmas? We always try to spend our money on something which will benefit us later on.. We spent our money on LED's this year.. We got a new led for the 21 watt bulb in the cratch which takes it down to a 4 watt LED. We also got a new 240 volt LED bulb for our lamp in the saloon as we found we hardly used it because even though we had a low wattage 12 watt bulb fitted it was still power hungry and took a while to warm up. We now have a LED which is only 6.7 Watts and comes on straight away..
We also replaced some LED's which have discoloured slightly and don't now give out a full light, they now build them better..

We spent the rest of the day planning January or trying to.....

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Jill, Matilda Rose said...

Where are you guys - we must be somewhere near?