Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cruising again

Oh it was so nice to see the wind had dropped this morning, it was still 15mph but not the 30mph plus winds we had got used to.  Got to move, we had been on our mooring for too long and we needed a change of scenery.  We first backed off to the water point and had just got the hose in when CART decided that they would cut the grass and the hedges.. It took six men to do this, yes six, a nice easy new years number.. They could have all been volunteers for all we know but they all looked like they knew what they were doing....
We then backed off and turned for Braunston Tunnel.. We kept a eye open for more wood and there was still a bit left where we picked some up before Christmas.. We stopped and managed to find a bit in amongst all the sticks. We waited at the tunnel entrance as a boat was going at fifty knots, it turned out to be a CART boat, good job we didn't meet.
We got through the tunnel without meeting anything and then hit the locks with two boats coming out the top lock. It was a shame because two boats were also in front of us going down so we had to fill every lock.
It took us a hour and a half to get down and in the bottom lock we went to the chandlers to get our new chimney hat which disintegrated in the winds.
We managed to get a slot up by The Boathouse where we know we can get telly... We also then noticed a new scratch in the side and damage to the gunwale which may have been done in the winds, maybe by a boat blown into us while we weren't aboard. Just as we got moored it rained so good timing really.

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