Thursday, January 23, 2014

Catch up, we're HD ready

We have been static for a few days so we haven't blogged much. On Friday it had turned a bit colder but still mild for the time of year and we were pleased to see Mark on coal boat n.b Calisto turn up.. we took on three bags of coal as we still had two bags from the six we brought from him last time..
We have done well on wood so far this year, due to all the winds, but it is getting to the time where wood is harder to find and it might just get colder for longer.. We also topped up with diesel which might just see us through February. We have been keeping warm and snug on Derwent6 as the evenings start to get a bit longer.
We woke up on Saturday after some rain overnight, and Al walked up the shop with Ann on n.b. Oakfield. The towpath was heavy going but they managed to get a paper and a few treats for the guys. We spent the best part of the day listening to the radio while reading the papers...a really nice chilled out day.
Sunday it was a lovely day with blue skies and Keith and Ann had decided to go cruising. We said our goodbyes as Del was leathering off the roof and even managed to clean n.b. Oakfield as they set off. 
In the afternoon Del wanted to see the football so walked up the pub to watch the Chelsea v Man U  game.. Al started the dinner, got rid of our rubbish, and then met him later for the second half.  We came back to Derwent6 later with the smell of Lamb shanks cooking on the stove, and with the drink up the pub we had worked up an appetite. Al watched her Dancing on Ice before we had an early night for an early start tomorrow.
On Monday the alarm went off at 7.00am and we woke up to a really heavy frost. It was really pretty and the heaviest we had had this year so far..
Al got ready for a train she was catching down to the hospital to meet her Dad for his check up scans in London. Del was soon out doing the brasses on Derwent6, so rain is on the way.
On Tuesday we were iced in, but it was another lovely start to the day.
Del was up finishing the brasses on the canal side and then had a go at getting Derwent6 HD ready.. We had a HD sky box given to us by Del's brother Cliff, and we had had trouble with the remote, but Del's mate Steve had an old remote in his shed. It had been in there three years, and when he found it the red light still flashed on it.    So with new batteries we set it up, and even with our old card it all worked OK.. Lets hope its as good at getting the satellite signal as the old one was. Del was doing the brass porthole liners when Al arrived back home. We had a catch up with what had happened while we were apart and then watched some telly before another early night..

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