Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fifty steps to Derwent6

It's aways strange waking up on our own again after having someone on board, but we made the most of it and had a lie in. We then took advantage of being with Del's Mum and Keith by using their broadband to do some updating...thanks both. In the afternoon we did some small jobs and then in the evening went out with Pat and Keith over to the Whalf Inn. It was only about fifty steps away from Derwent6.
Whilst looking at the food on the board, Del recognised someone sitting in the corner, but couldn't believe it would be them. When he got back to the table Del said to Al "there's a guy sitting over there who looks like Trevor", our friend Erica's brother, so Al checked it out. Well it turned out it was and he had hired a narrowboat from Market Harborough which included a golfing trip with his mate... small world!!! We had a lovely dinner with Pat and Keith and sorted out our plans for the winter with them.
The plan for us was to have a early night tonight (you will see why later) but Trevor was still drinking at the bar, so rude not to have a drink with him.
Well it was 12.45am when we left the pub, even the bar staff had left, good job we only had those fifty steps to make....

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