Friday, November 02, 2012

End of the Arm

It was a lovely morning and we have still been waking up early due to the light and body clocks. We set off at 9.30am and turned towards Welford at the end of the Welford arm.
It's a tricky little section this as passing is difficult, and it gets a bit shallow in places but we made it up to the lock which was being filled in front of us.We got the old "didn't see you coming" trick. Hmmm
We got to the end of the arm and filled with water and managed to do a manual pump out. We then turned and got a nice mooring.
At 3.00pm we had company. Bernie and Sarah had turned up from Kent, and bumped into Del's Mum Pat on the way. We all got on board and had some tea and biscuits. In the evening Del went up the pub with Bernie, and Sarah and Al met them later on for something to eat.
We never had a late night as we were all exhausted.

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