Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Top Chandlers

We were up and about early as we had a early night last night and were lucky enough to see this fella..
It still feels warm for this time of year so we went for a walk along to the new Hillmorton Chandler's called The Canal Shop.
This is the chandlers that used to be at the bottom of the Buckby flight and who are really nice people. We used to get our paint from them and wanted to see if they still did it.
The shop is still a treasure trove with everything the boater needs, including the laundry.
You can also order stuff on-line.( We ended up buying loads. Sliding bolts, chimney hat, rope, and paint. They do coal and gas and also diesel at 88p a litre with self declaration. You can't get a pump out there though...They also do a new peat coal which apparently burns just like coal and will keep your fire in overnight, and it is a lot cheaper then coal. After chatting to Richard the owner, he offered us a sample.
We thought he would give us a few nuggets but he gave us half a bag load. The only problem is they look like sheep poo but believe us they don't smell.  We will be trying them when it's cold enough.
When we got back to Derwent6 we had some lunch and Del went out on his bike while Al read her book. With football in the evening we will be glued to the sofa.


Halfie said...

Kingfisher: steady on - you'll be doing Captain Ahab out of a job!

Peat fuel: how environmentally friendly is it? (And how well does it burn?)

Chandlery: Is there no chandlery by the Buckby flight any longer, or has it just changed hands?

Del and Al said...

Hi Halfie
Couldn't believe that kingfisher stayed put so we could get his photo! We let you have an update on how well the peat burns, (just trying a couple now!) but they told us is was just as good as coal. Most are 100% carbon netural, so a good environmental alternative to coal. As for the Chandlery, yep its still there at the bottom of the Buckby flight, revamped and with new owners.....

Wozie said...

It certainly pays off to keep yer camera in yer pocket doesn't it? Beautiful pic of the usually illusive Kingfisher, well done.