Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Clearing Up

A wet start to the day so we had a lay in and snuggled in bed till 9.30am, listening to the rain on the roof. When we surfaced we had a bit of breakfast and then set about cleaning Derwent6 from the inside. It had got quite dusty & dirty with Del working in the engine room and walking to and fro through the boat. So a good hoover was done with the sides wiped down followed by Al cleaning all the floors. Del then cleaned the engine room and had a bit of a sort out. The rain was with us for most of the day but we did have a spell where Del managed to get out for a walk for wood, but had no luck finding any. It now starts getting dark at 4.15pm and we just shut ourselves away round the fire, (even though it's quite warm for this time of year) and watched the football in the evening....

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