Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Early Start

We left early this morning and I mean real early, in fact there was still a heavy frost on the ground and the sun hadn't risen yet.
Al grabbed a extra 40 minutes sleep as Del went through the Crick tunnel and the sun came up as we approached the locks at Watford.
Here we had to wait for the locks to open and the CART boys couldn't find the key when they arrived. We got through in the end at ten past eight. It was still so cold that the pounds on the locks were frozen.
We then made our way to Norton Junction trying to get some wood on the way but didn't find any. Still, we stoked up the fire ready for our stop.

Al was travelling down to Reading to see a friend, and got the bus at 2.15pm. It ran late and she missed her train connection but got down in the end. Del was offered a cup of tea with Keith on n.b. Oakfield whilst Ann was out and about. It was then football for Del in the evening.....

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