Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pump repair, saving despair

It wasn't as cold as they thought it was going to be last night, and Derwent6 felt quite warm inside. We had to get the waste tank emptied today so Al walked down to get more water while Del started work on the manual pump out. It is quite a palaver getting to the pump as it behind the large adjusting valve which directs which outlet you want to use. After getting it out Del found a blockage in one of the rubber valves.. Well we had a new service kit on board so we changed all the rubbers and diaphragms. That did the job and we were pumping out nicely, just as Al came back with the water. After a quick spruce up, we met up with Paul (who is on his own for a couple of days) and went up the pub for a £4.80 Sunday Roast. When we got back Del walked the waste to the Elsan point and then got some more water on the way back. Paul had kindly let us have one of his bags of coal as he had some spare, so we paid for the food and drink up the pub. We managed to get all this done before it rained... So we seem sorted now for a few more days.. In the evening we just watched telly checking the weather for the week ahead...........Al could have practised Dancing on Ice outside the window!


Anonymous said...

It"s a lot easier with cassette toilets. Anyway it"s about time you moved to Braunston. Please do not worry about nb Timewarp following you. Worth a try me thinks! ps say hello yo paul for me regards tony

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, that old loo debate lol. Hope you're OK. We've got itchy feet to move, not sure about Braunston though!

Anonymous said...

Will moved down to braunston today quite clear, same culprits still here but plenty of room.....nice to be able to run the taps freely see you soon, Tony. TIMEWARP