Sunday, February 05, 2012

Del sick, Al returns

Del was woken by a text from Al saying "Have you looked out the window". We had had about four inches of snow and it seemed so peaceful and pretty outside. It was also a bit warmer. Del got up but within two minutes of getting out of bed was sick.. In fact he was being sick every three hours and feeling giddy and hot and cold.. he had to go back to bed, the first time Del has been ill on Derwent6. We had planned to go out for Sunday Lunch with Paul and Lynne but there was no way Del was going to make it, let alone if Al got back in time!!!
Del hadn't heard any trains going by and wondered if Al was going to arrive today, but she was using a different line. She managed to get all the trains planned and they were all on time. She arrived back on Derwent6 at 1.00pm. Del couldn't even manage to get the coal in or empty the ashes on the fire in the morning. Anything he ate or drunk came straight back up. At 4.00pm Del managed some soup, and was starting to feel a bit better (well he did have his nurse back), and managed to get the coal bag off the roof and sort out the ashes. Lets hope it's a twenty four hour bug............The only problem is now this cold snap looks like it may continue and Del has now filled up the waste tank a bit more! Also we may have to get water tomorrow, but only if the snow has cleared.


Halfie said...

Aargh! Too much information!

Get better soon, Del.

Jo Lodge said...

I hope today Del is feeling a little better, there is nothing worse than feeling tom and dick. Stay safe and warm their pair of you xxxxx

Les Biggs said...

Oh Del so sorry to hear you've been bitten by the flu bug. Rest and sleep. If you come across Oregon Grape Root or Osha Root at Holland and Barrett or any other health food store I recommend you pick it up and keep it on hand--it kicks the flu virus quickly. I buy mine online from the Herbpharm.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you, one thing after another! Hope Del didn't poison himself without his cook there to feed him!

lots of love and get better soon x


nb AmyJo said...

Hi Del,
Sorry to hear your feeling crook mate. Hope you feel better soon.

Keep warm both of you and take care.
Steve (nbAmyJo)

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone, Del is feeling much better now so was probably a 24hr bug. Couldn't have been food poisoning as Del only has beans on toast when I'm away lol