Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gosty's IOU

We had to get up early as we knew Gosty the coal boat was on the way and we didn't want to miss them. Sure enough at 9.30am they turned up and we couldn't hear them coming. It was nice to see Iain and Alison again and we ended up chatting for about a hour. When we came to paying the bill we found we were ten pound short of cash! As they don't take a cheque, we ended up having an IOU and will have to pay them next time we see them. That's great service for you. Al then walked down the shop to pick up some milk and also go to the cash point and came back with a few goodies to eat in the afternoon. Del calibrated the water gauge as it wasn't showing right when we ran out last week. He also tried to calibrate the fuel gauge, but couldn't bleed the diesel pipe going into the tank as he needed a new valve. In the afternoon we watched sport on the telly with football, cycling and then Al's Dancing on Ice.

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