Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All Oiled up for pancakes

It was a warmer night last night and we had some lovely sunshine so a good day for some outside jobs. We had our breakfast and as we did the calf opposite was having his as well. Del got the wood oil out and started on the cratch boards which had gone a bit white over the hard frosts we had been having. With oil in hand this continued on, doing the cratch table and doors and all the wood on the stern deck. With the nice weather there has been a lot of boat movement and it wasn't long before we got a toot from someone we knew, n.b Piston Broke and n.b Oakfield came past on their way to Rugby. We then went on the hunt for wood and were lucky enough to find some, and drag it back to Derwent6 for cutting up in the morning. Al then oiled up the pans for pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday and with full tummies we then settled down for the night in front of the telly to watch the Brit awards...

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