Friday, February 03, 2012

Derailment Doctors

A very cold night last night, we were recording minus ten on our outside gauge. This is the coldest it has been with us on board Derwent6. Even with the fire going all night we could still see our breath in bed. When we looked out the window it had also been snowing over night. Del had a doctors appointment down in Kent and got the bus into Rugby at 10.00am. When he got to the station he found out about the train derailment overnight blocking the line down to London. He managed to get to Northhampton and then got the bus over to Wellingborough which took him to St Pancras. He got down to Kent at 2.30pm, and made his doctors appointment, he also managed to fix the hole in Pam and Alf's roof before the snow forecast arrived, he did well really!!!
Al stayed on Derwent6 to keep it warm with the dipping evening temperatures and had a nice day to herself pottering round. Del got back to Derwent6 at 9.30pm after managing to get a jam packed train back from London which was only running at one a hour.. He had to walk back from Rugby as the buses stopped running at 7.30pm. It was already minus nine when we went to bed, so we were in for another cold night.


Anonymous said...

I knew it. Alway s thought it was cold on them things thanks for confirmation. JOHN MOLE

Del and Al said...

Hi John, yep it does get colder overnight, unless you heat your bedroom. We turn our rad off in the bedroom as we like sleeping cold...the central heating comes back on in the morning, we open up the fire, and then we're lovely and warm.