Monday, December 12, 2011

A Quick turn around

We made the decision to get water as the weather over the next couple of days doesn't look too clever. There is talk of very strong winds again, which we don't need, and heavy rain, which we do need. We managed to wind (turn) in lovely sunshine and then moored up for water. It's always a bit boggy here, which puts people off, but it's a fast tap. We then tried to get on the same spot we had left a hour earlier but can you believe it someone else was in it, so we moored opposite. We had just tied up when that boat decided to move, typical! So we untied and then reversed up back onto the mooring we left. We had telly and a good signal here so we were pleased to get back on it. At midday we were met by Andy and Hilary of n.b. The Maisibert and we decided to meet at Franky and Benny's.
We all came back to Derwent6 for a coffee and with the fire roaring and full tummies as you can see it's was hard to keep our eyes open. It was lovely to meet up again and to see them both. They left us at around 6.00pm and we settled down for a evening with the telly as the rain started and the winds also picked up. Lets hope the ropes hold!!!


Jo Lodge said...

Lovely to see Andy and Hilary, we saw their boat a couple of times but no one on board.
It looks like the Willows opposite have had a hair cut, that has happened recently because they were still in leaf when we were there.
Hopefully coming your way tomorrow possibly.
Hope the ropes held last night, it was blowing a gale here last night. xxx

nb piston broke said...

that boat looks as thogh it could do with a polish or is it bad light regards Paul

Del and Al said...

Just had to order more polish lol, ran out......used it all up on Derwent6. See you soon....