Monday, December 05, 2011

A little jamming session

We had a bit of a frost last night but it was a lovely day. Del set about doing the brasses but it as a lot colder than we been used to and he only stayed out for a hour. Al sorted out some bits and pieces inside, arranging our summer and winter clothes, and also the boots and shoes. We just had a relaxing afternoon with our Christmas songs playing. It then made us get out the musical instruments and have a go at playing some Christmas carols. We then got a knock on the side of Derwent6 and we thought it was going to be someone telling us to shut up making so much noise, but it was a lady on the boat behind us who invited us in for a glass of wine. It turned out she could play the squeeze box and we ended up all getting together and playing folk songs. We had great time! Three hours later we crawled back to Derwent6 at 10.30pm........good job we were so close to home.

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