Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Engine water leak, but we got extra fuuuueeeeelllll !!!!!!..

After a very windy night we still managed to get a decent nights kip. We were up quite early and had breakfast before Del set about looking for an engine water leak he spotted yesterday. After getting the covers off and cleaning out the undertray, we noticed a mark on the engine support runners where it looked like a small pipe had been dripping. After nipping up all the jubilee clips and cleaning up the excess water we ran the engine and all seems ok at the moment. We then had Gosty the coal boat turn up, so we filled with much needed diesel and added a couple of bags of coat to the roof. This made us £160.00 pounds lighter in our pockets. Ian and Alison are selling the Gosty Hill business and have had a few offers already, they will be missed by everyone who uses them, but they will still be around on the cut. Del was just about to calibrate the fuel gauge when Maffi on n.b Milly M turned up. (http://narrowboater.blogspot.com/). With Gosty blocking the way he decided to moor up behind us. In the evening Beryl and Gary came on board for a few beers. They turned up with a bottle of wine and six bottles later we were all slaughtered. We had a great night and got to bed...........late!!!! (Well 3.00am actually), so sorry to anyone in the vicinity for our noise!!!

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plumbing said...

What a sad story, it happened to a country like Japan.
I hope they are okay now.