Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Del, Camera, Action.

After another cold night we were up early. We decided to move today due to the fact we needed some food shopping. We made our way up to Brownsover at Rugby and were lucky enough to get moored up in this normally busy part of the canal. We couldn't get a telly signal but we weren't bothered as we planned to go out anyway. The boat in front of us then moved off so we moved forward a boat length so we could then get a signal alright. We then walked down to Pizza Hut and grabbed their all you can eat buffet for £6.99. While we were in there we watched two youths try to nick two bikes off the Sports Direct forecourt. They hid round the corner after ripping the labels of the bikes and were just about to ride off when the staff caught them and they dumped the bikes and scarpered. We watched all this from the window of Pizza hut and we took this photo, but after talking to the manager saying we had a photo they weren't that bothered about looking at it, or catching them.We then walked over to Tesco's and got some of our shopping. After getting back to Derwent6 we sat down for an hour before we walked down to Cineworld and watched the film "Hugo".


Anonymous said...

I understand that by showing the photo you're trying to do the right thing but please think of yourselves and Derwent 6, you're making yourselves very vunerable should someone sees this that knows them!

Jo Lodge said...

We did a similar thing when we owned our other boat. We were heading into Coventry and were shot at with an air pistol, thankfully they missed us but did hit the boat. I took their photographs, which the police looked at when we reached Coventry basin.
When I worked for M&S, we had a gang come in and pinch a rail of jeans one day and the jackets the next, and when a customer told the manager, he completely dismissed the customer and said it was ok. I was told that as far as the company was concerned it did not matter to them because they can claim it all back on their insurance. I feel this sends out completely the wrong message to those who are light fingered. To do what they did in broad day light, just shows they are not frightened of anything, which is a little worrying. Hope to see you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Keith Lodge said...

You are getting closer to us, lol. Are you staying in Rugby for the weekend?