Monday, September 27, 2010

Short Cruise to Tixall

There was a bit of a drizzle when we got up so we sat tight till the weather improved. We got away for 11.00am and made our way to the first lock. It is very pretty through this section as we went past Shugborough Hall. We went through the second lock which took us to Great Haywood Junction where we saw a chance to get rid of our rubbish and top up with water again as we had been doing loads of washing. Al feels she is always having to wash and Del feels he is always topping up with water. Still it costs us nothing, so we will both shut up!

Al popped over to the farm shop to pick up some vegetables and when she got back there was a queue of boats waiting to get on the water point. We reversed up and turned onto the Staffs and Worcester and managed to get a nice mooring at Tixall Wide. It was empty when we arrived but it soon got busy by 3.00pm. Del went out on his bike again on his keep fit plan, while Al had some time to herself on Derwent6. In the evening we watched telly even though there wasn't much on. No surprise there then!!!!!!

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