Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Right Window

We had rain overnight and it still looked like it might rain, so we stayed put. They said it was going to clear up at around 11.00am so that seemed a good plan. Al did some work inside while Del went on the hunt for wood. He came back with a few branches which seemed nicely seasoned.
After chopping the wood we got underway and the sun started to come out. We soon got to Atherstone Locks and were lucky to have ten out of the eleven in our favour. These are normally slow fillers so we must have saved a hour. We did have trouble between locks 3 & 4 as the pound was nearly empty and Derwent6 was scraping along the bottom. We could see rain in the distance and we could also hear thunder as well, so we got a move on to the spot we like at bridge 50 near Polesworth. As we just finished tying up the heavens opened. We must have just picked the right window to cruise today. We were able to watch the thunder and lightening all afternoon and it carried on into the evening.

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