Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Up Up and away!!

Sorry we haven't got a very strong signal, but we haven't set up yet so no pics until later.

Oh what a day! After a 4.37am start (which we usually see only once in 24hrs lol), its been an exhausting but brilliant day. After breakfast on the road we got to Fernwood at 9am to watch the crane pull in behind us. After moving a boat that was in the way, Derwent6 was rolled out. The first time she's seen daylight for nearly a year. Derwent6 was then loaded onto the back of the truck, and we then waited for nb Oakfield to arrive, as she was taking Derwent6's place in the workshop.

We finally got off to Debdale at 2.20pm, following in the van, and holding our breath round the tight bends and through low trees. Arrived at Debdale at 4pm and just about got Derwent6 in the water whilst it was still light. Everything was checked in the water and it all seems ok, and tomorrow will be a day for finishing off, further checks, trim and moving our stuff aboard.


Anonymous said...

glad it all went well and no doubt you had the spare minute during the day to sunbathe :)


Halfie said...

Excellent! Hope all goes smoothly with final checks etc. and it'll be "properly" yours.

Sue said...

Congratulation, she looks great! All that shiney brass.. glad I got stainless steel on the top of No Problem.

Vic and I hope you have lots of happy times on Derwent 6, she sure does look like a beautiful boat that I can see looking out of my window here in the marina.. good luck to you both.


Bottle said...


Doubt if you will get time to read this today (Thursday).

Great day yesterday, good to see you both, have you packed all that stuff away yet.

We were impressed that you got 'all you own' in to a 'transit'. ;)

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
Just picked up the link from Sue's (No Problem) blog.
The boat looks fantastic, and I hope you enjoy your new life as much as Mags and I do.
Will look out for you on the cut
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

see you tomorrow :) zx

Les Biggs said...

The very best to you both and hope to meet you both again soon.

Del and Al said...

Hi All
Thanks so much for your lovely comments and best wishes. The last few days have been a whirlwind.....what with moving aboard, sorting out our stuff (yes we did get it all in a Transit lol) our launch party, and just trying to let it all sink in!! It still feels like a dream......

Anonymous said...

Another NB blog to keep an eye on.

Many congratulations to both of you.

Very, very envious, after numerous NB hols over the years.

Looking forward to reading your exploits.