Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A nice quiet day

We had our first nice quiet day today.... and what a lovely day it was too!
Al spent all day reading a book and finished it, Del sat on the computer and looked at the wildlife out of the window.

On checking the levels on the engine this morning this was the view.
Del just sat on the back watching the gliders and the swans, floating by.
We were interupted once with a tap on the window, and guess what!, it seems like we've made a friend.

It got a bit nippy around 4 o' clock so we lit the fire....

We went out tonight to the Black Horse at Foxton, as they have a Jazz night on Wednesday, rude not to have their fish and chips while we're there then.

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Anonymous said...

Don't that fire look cosy!!!!!!Kettle on the boil,life can't get much better!!!!like your pet.
Dad & Tel xxxx