Monday, December 15, 2008

Toilet and Tunnel

We set off this morning at around 11.00am and headed down the Grand Union towards the Welford arm. We passed beautiful countryside and wonderful wildlife. Derwent6 was heading for it's first tunnel, so it was mind the bats and the paintwork on the way through.

We then had to have a pump out. This is the toilet system on Derwent6 which needs to be emptied once in a while. This is sucked out using a large pipe and then flushed out with fresh water.

We then moved on up to the Welford arm. and moored up for the day.

We then had a bang on the window and it was the guys from narrowboat Caxton and Matilda Rose who had been on a circular walk around Welford with the dogs. It was great to meet them and we will catch up with them sometime in the new year.

We took a lot of photos today, but guess what, the camera pixel setting has changed again so can't upload them.....We will show you the tunnel photos on the return journey and we will get the hang of this !!!!!!!!!


Nb Yarwood said...

Hi Folks
It was good to see you both and your beautiful boat! Keep in touch and we will meet again in the Summer for that BBQ..

Bottle said...


There are free photo editors out there.

Two that get good reviews are

I have no connection and not used them as I have an old copy of 'Corel'