Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smoking chimmey tops, am I dreaming!

This morning we woke up to the central heating coming on and another sharp we chopped up some logs and lit the fire. Derwent6 looked quite content in the marina surrounded by ice, with smoke drifting out the chimney.
We should have had Fernwood down today, but due to sickness they couldn't make it. They are looking at fitting the shelf in the dayroom, more LED's and the water leaking into the bilge (but don't worry we're not sinking) We tried the washing machine last night and blimey it nearly took off. We had to hold it down as it was shaking the boat to bits (another job for Fernwood) but the tumble drier worked great.

We have done some small jobs today like fitting the loo roll holder and fitting some bits and pieces in the engine room, we also gave Derwent6 a good clean inside including cleaning the brass pothole liners which now look fab.

We are still having problems downloading pictures so bear with us.


PAV said...

Hi Both,
Really pleased that you are enjoying life on board. Know what you are experiancing trying to blog.....After broadband, it is a bit of a pain trying to cope with the slower speeds isn't it. I get so frustrated not being able to upload pics onto our blog whenever I want. Still it's a small price to pay. All the best from The Pavs - NB Marmaduke.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Glad you are enjoying life aboard. My ears pricked up at the mention of brass porthole liners. Any chance of a picture when you get yourselves sorted out - they might be just what I need. Thanks muchly.

Bottle said...


Just to wish you a happy Christmas and wonderful new year.

The blog will be continued but not until the new year.

Del and Al said...

Hi nb Marmaduke
Thanks for your good wishes...We've finally sorted out the uploading of pics.....seems we just had to change the pixels on the camera when we only have a 2G signal!

Del and Al said...

Hi Debbie
Yep, when we get a chance we'll post a pic :-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith & Ann
Thanks and Happy Christmas to you too, and here's to a great 2009