Thursday, December 11, 2008

All iced in, with no place to go

Got up this morning to another layer of ice on the canal, so going nowhere. We should have been coming off our mooring today. So we spoke to the office who fully understood and let us stay till we can move.
We then walked along to Foxton to post all the Christmas cards and along the way we were followed by two beautiful Kingfishers. We posted the letters and then it was rude not to have a quick beer and a pasty in the Bridge 61 pub.
We have now got the hang of the fire so Derwent6 was well toasty when we got back. Fernwood should now be out to us tomorrow, so that freed us up for a relaxing afternoon.

Derwent6 is now begin to feel like a home.


Anonymous said...

Water leaking into the bilge??**!!!*$$"??? Tell me more. Chris.

Del and Al said...

Hi Chris
yer the water in the bilge appears to be coming from the blow off valve on the the top of the water clarifier. This valve is set at 3 bar and the system runs at 1.5 bar so it may be a faulty valve. Fernwood are looking at it today.
I will keep you posted!