Saturday, October 13, 2007

Down to the finishing touches

We have been busy over these last few weeks due to the fact we have been marketing the house and keeping it spic and span. We have had some interest with one offer, but not sold yet.

As far as the plans for the boat we have been looking at electrical items such as where the lights will be positioned, and also the 240v sockets and wiring etc.

We have now sourced the slate tiles for behind the Morso squirrel wood burner, and been up to the midlands to collect them, they just look fab, we are so pleased.....

We have been back up to Fernwood and seen the boats in progress. They are all working very hard to get the two boats in front of us out, but not fast enough for us, as we are so excited because Jim at Alexander boats is putting all the finishing touches to the Derwent6 Hull.(Come on Fernwood)

I must say though, the boats Fernwood are working on, just look fantastic, with loads of features on all of them. We just feel that when we come away, Derwent6 will be another one or two weeks behind (thank goodness our slot came forward).

We then went on to see our new home. Jim has had his own problems with his team mate Craig, having a trauma in the family, and having to fly out to Spain to sort it all out.

Our Condolence's Craig.

Jim has not been feeling too good himself, but they have still battled on. As for progress, the gas locker hatch has been done. All the plates have been cut for the Houdini hatches, and the roof rails finished including the smooth finishing of the side grab rails, so as not to take your finger nails off when moving down the side of the boat.

While we was there, Jim was making the eyelets for the side fenders so we could check them for size, they were perfect....
Just before we left Craig and Jim, they showed us a picture that one of thier Kingsground customers had brought in, showing Jim and their build, and ain't it just great.


Keith Lodge said...

Hi Del and Al.
Glad to see things are coming along. Patience is a virtue they say, but I know how excited you both are. As you are seeing things can go behind the schedule and never moreso than with boat building. Before you know it she will be launched and away you will go.
Love the tiles they will look fab.

Peruvian Skies said...

Hi Del and Al Just been speaking to Julia, and yes they are building our boat, and yes we are as frustrated as you two in getting our start date when the hull arrives............SO NO PUSHING IN EH! Looks like our boats could being built side by side, how spooky is that,hope to catch up with at Fernwood.
Cheers Dick & Netty (Peruvian Skies)

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Thanks for keeping a eye on us.
Yes we can't wait to get on the cut and meet up with all you nice people. It all seems to be slowly coming together but thats how narrowboats go about things !!!
By the way your kitty marmite looks totally adorable awwwwww!

Del and Al said...

Hi Dick & Netty
Spooky (well it is Halloween)
Prehaps we should get together and have a bet on who will be first in the Shed !
(I know we will both need a good beer anyway!)
Hope to see you soon.