Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sides are up !

WoW!!!! Jim has really been getting on with Derwent6 with the cabin sides now up, and the roof on.
You can see from this picture, that Jim has done the design of the curved sides which protect you from the wind when sitting in the cratch. You can also see the cutouts in the roof, which is where the fenders will hang, so you can rake off the leaves on that Autumnal evening.

The cratch lockers are in and gas bottle fixings.

Jim here is showing us how big the portholes are, but this one will end up being a side door in the galley, next time we go up.

The weed hatch and fuel tank have been fitted. The fuel tank has been extended to take 50 gallons (250 litres). You can see the fuel feed and return pipes and this had already been tested.
On the lower right of the picture you can see the engine cooling radiator, which does not have fins due to the fact it will be under the water line and cooled by the swim.

The roof is now on and the roof rails fitted. Jim has got the lines and the arch of the roof just right here. Another set of side doors will go where the roof rail ends on the port side (left) in this picture.

We are both so pleased we chose Alexander boats as you can see from the pictures, the Quality is fantastic.


Anonymous said...

What progress! You must be soooo pleased! You could almost put her on the water now and sail away. We are really looking forward to seeing Derwent6 in the flesh and can't wait for the official launching of her.

We're sure you'll be on serious countdown once the house is sold.

Can't wait to see her in all her glory and kitted out, making her a real and complete home for you.

Joyce & Steve xx

Keith Lodge said...

Wow you have certainly progressed in such a short time.
Good luck with selling your house, we know how you must be feeling right now, because we went through exactly the same thing.
Just think it will not belong before she is on the water.

Jo xx