Saturday, November 24, 2007

All primed up with no place to go !!!

Derwent6 is now in primer due to the fact that Fernwood still can't take on the hull. Jim couldn't wait any longer due to the fact that oxidising was appearing on some of the joints, so a good rub down and primer was added to all these areas.

The shell is now all blacked and primered and it looks even better showing all the slick lines and Jim's good work..

You can see here that she will look fabulous on the water.

The stern hatch, port side doors and roof hatch are fitted.

So there she is .....Just waiting ! We just feel sorry for all those other's waiting as well, like Peruvian Skies and others who have sold their house to get in the queue behind us.....but all good things come to those who wait !!! and we're British, so patience is a virtue.

We have been working on the exterior colours with the use of paint on the computer and the snaps we have taken, so we have come up with these examples.

Oh! and it gone very quiet on the house front ...but we're in no rush are we !!!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Derwent6 looks so different now she's all primed and blackened. She looks amazing now, so goodness knows how you will describe her once she's completed! We really feel for you both and can only offer our support while you wait to get Derwent6 into fitting.
You're both very positive people so we know the wait (however frustrating) will be worth every penny.
Don't worry too much about selling the house as it always goes very quiet around the Christmas period. No doubt things will look up once the New Year arrives!

Looking forward to more updates (however slowly things are moving!).

Joy & Steve x

Peruvian Skies said...

Hull looks great just hope we dont have to wait too long before our hull is side by side with yours........................

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm. Any penalty clauses in that construction agreement one wonders?


Del and Al said...

Thanks you two for your support....we're playing the waiting game now but hopefully won't be much longer (fingers and toes crossed, touch wood, etc etc !!)


Del and Al said...

Hi Dick & Netty
Thanks....can't they will both look good

Del and Al said...

You're 'having a laugh' !!!!!!!!