Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why Derwent6 !

We have had a lot of comments as to why we have called this narrowboat Derwent6... so to make it clearer to everyone here goes.

When we brought our first house we looked on a new housing estate and fell in love with one of them. Now! you know they call all these new houses different names, well our one was called Derwent. We lived happily for 10 years calling this house Derwent until another new housing estate was established just up the road with detached opportunities. This house was No.6 and because we have been so happy in our last house decided to name it Derwent. We even put up a plaque with Derwent on it, with the house number 6 underneath. We have been very happy there for 14 years until we decided to live on a narrowboat...hence the name (all one word) Derwent6.


Anonymous said...

ali & del
question:- why derwent6 ??

seriously its good to know that its coming along. i bet these last couple of weeks will drag until you know its going to be fitted out.
keep up the news

Waterrat said...

Ali and Del
really enjoying your blog - I've added you to mine if that's ok.
I'm a year behind you, but still so excited about the idea of getting out there.
Your journey seems so like mine so far..

Del and Al said...

Thanks Steve
Don't worry mate the time goes so quick what with all the planning and fitting in work at the same time!!!
Will follow your build with interest and added you to our blog links.
Good luck and keep in touch!