Thursday, March 05, 2020

Widebeam for sale, family and friends come first.

So we are back in the marina for a short time as we organise ourselves to get out of here.. Derwent6 has now got a new kettle, not that the old kettle had broken, just that it was looking very tired from being used a hell of a lot. It's funny how a kettle can brighten up your life and be a feature inside, making things brighter inside.
We are stocked up with coal and logs and hopefully the engine will hold out now as it seems to have sorted itself out.. As for the paintwork and brasses, I'm afraid the weather hasn't let us get outside, so work to be done there..

Another shock was that friends Carol and George on Still Rocking have decided to call it a day in their widebeam.. ( )
They have put family first and are moving north to be closer to them. Life is all about people, and not material things, and family and friends should always come first.. So a good decision in our eyes, but they will be sadly missed on the water.. Anyone interested in their wonderful boat should check out this link..

It has been a very difficult year this year with all this water around, but we're sure during the summer we will be in drought mode, this weather is crazy.. We are looking forward to our travels this year, but again its busy with events with family and friends.


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