Saturday, March 21, 2020

Al with her cousins

Del got up early again and finished some prepping on the gunwales and then we pulled Derwent6 back to the Welford Arm and made our way towards Welford.
Even though we had had a lot of water it was still shallow along the Arm..
They had done a far bit of work on the trimming back of trees...
  We got to the lock and the good news was the gates were open, the bad news was it started to rain. It was a heavy shower and we did get wet..
It was then hunt the mooring, and it was quite busy all the way to the boatyard at the winding hole.. Luck was on our side as there was a sneaky place in the finger moorings so we reversed nicely into the spot..

We filled with water and started on the washing, and also did a manual pump out as it was all close by, perfect!
On the way in we spotted n.b. Teckel and its Al's cousin Wendy and Hugh. They popped out and said "Pop round for tea and cakes"  which got us excited..
It was lovely for the girls to see each other and catch up on old times. The bonus was she had another cousin Rosemary who came along and joined them.. It was an Ayling gathering and they couldn't stop talking. The cakes were lovely and the tea and coffee flowed most of the afternoon, the boys talked boats and cars and Hugh worked on the central heating..
 It was lovely to see them all and catch up on all the family news, we came back to Derwent6 and chilled for the rest of the day..

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