Monday, March 16, 2020

Funeral Day and then on our way!

So we were up early and travelled down the M40 so Al could help her sister sort out the last minute things and we had a sign to say things were fine in the sky..
This was a moment we were all dreading, our nephew Nathans funeral.. It is still a massive shock that he is not with us anymore and so sad as he had a great talent.. He was a song writer and had some songs on iTunes and UTube and they were played in the church. It was a great tribute to him and a celebration of his life, and he had a very good turn out to see him on his final journey.. RIP Nathan
We drove back the same day and got back to Derwent6 at 8.00pm.. We were mentally exhausted..

The following day was also full on..
We were up early again as we had to take the car back before 9.00am and this went well as we were back and ready to go by 10.00am..
We first filled with water at Norton Junction and then made our way towards the Watford flight..
  We got to the locks and Al checked with the locky and he told us to make our way up..
It was a bit tricky in the wind as the gates kept being blown open, so we were pleased with the extra help to close them..
We soon got to the top and Al put some books in the book swap and we said our goodbyes to our helpers.
We then reached one of our favourite spots and at lambing season this place is amazing..

We decided this time we would push on and get through the tunnel as we had been warned how wet it was, we got soaked..
We were meeting some friends here and moored close to them, and as we were sorting ourselves out a couple we had met when we were down the K&A stopped for a chat..

Soon after that Shipmate Mark was round and we had a catch up before we then had Clive and Jackie turn up, good job the kettle was hot. It was lovely to see them all and as you can imagine we all put the world to rights. We will be all meeting up again on our return journey as the locks are closed at Foxton.  We then chilled as we had a telly signal and Del wanted to see the football..

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