Monday, March 16, 2020

Sitting tight and a car earlier than planned

We like it round here as it is very pleasant views across the countryside.
We even spotted a woodpecker who always showed off his feathers to us early in the morning..
So we planned to stay here for a few days as we needed to hire a car on Monday, first for the doctors and secondly for a funeral we are going to.. It turned out to be cheaper to hire it on the Saturday as it was £20.00 cheaper, we know its crazy!!! So even though we have a car, we don't really need it yet..
We had to collect the car this time so we got a cab into Daventry and picked it up.. We then had a few things we wanted to look at, so we used the time to go to a few stores. We also got our weekly shopping and of course grabbed a coffee in a lovely coffee shop in the town centre..
We then made our way back and Al put away the shopping and Del got cracking on the things we had brought..
Del first spliced the ropes and made two centre ropes which we now have to have due to the solar panels on the roof..
  Also we changed the aerial lead which does go brittle in the weather over the winter..

It hasn't helped that Del has had this cold (Yes only a cold) over the last few days.. So as with everyone in the country we are sneezing into a tissue and then binning it or it goes on the fire.. It seems to have worked because he is feeling a lot better now..

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