Monday, January 15, 2018

Sharpening up

We woke up to ice again on the side of Derwent6 and we needed that wood cut up on the roof..
The chain on the chainsaw had gone blunt and it was time to sharpen things up a little..
We have three chains and Del managed to do all three and fit one on the chainsaw..

So we are ready to go, a job for tomorrow we think..
Al walked up to the general store and posted a letter and also got a few provisions..
This was going to be a lazy day for us..


Jennifer said...

Just saying Hi!

We passed you today on the Oxford, your boat was so shiny it was blinding us as we cruised under the bridge and past you ha ha..... we shouted out to you.

Seriously though, Derwent 6 is looking lovely, she's a credit to your hard work.

It's always nice to recognise boat bloggers we follow.


Del and Al said...

Hi Jen, thank you! You definitely can't miss us lol, especially when the sun shines !