Friday, December 22, 2017

To all our readers!

So here we are on shoreline and running the engine until it has done its 10 hours and then Del can check it.. It has been quite good really because we have been able to do loads of things we couldn't have done on the cut.. Today we fixed the immersion heater which had stopped working when we were in Liverpool earlier in the year.. We fitted a new one and it had to be rewired, also as it was warmer, we let the fire go out and fitted the rope on the doors.. The veiws are still stunning here in the morning and we are looking forward to Christmas now..

We are now going to take a break from the blog.. Oh nearly forgot, we haven't heard back from Beta or received our invoice yet..
We just want to wish everyone who reads the blog a very Merry Christmas and lets hope its a fantastic new year..


Judith nb Serena said...

Hope that's the end of all your problems. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for a very enjoyable blog look forward to the next installment in the new year. Judith nb Serena.

Stuart said...

Happy Christmas to both of you too! Another fantastic year of blogs from you two.

KevinTOO said...

I hope that you both have a very Happy Christmas too and I look forward to following your journey again in 2018 :)

Colin Batch. said...

Hi Alison;
We met you at The Duke on NYE.
Wishing you both a fab 2018 and hope we can catch up with you at some point during the year.
Luv from Colin & Jon xxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone, happy new year to you all....

Hi Colin & Jon, lovely to meet you both, maybe see you both around Hillmorton at some point! x