Saturday, December 02, 2017

Swaning about

It was cold but a bright start to the day as Al walked back up to the post office to collect our post from the post office again, but it still hadn't arrived. We set off from Braunston just before lunch and Al made us an 'on the move' wrap to keep us going.
The good thing about leaving this time of day is that you still catch the wildlife on the cut..
We managed to see this Woodpecker blending in on the towpath and that white thing alongside Derwent6 is a Swan flying by, its so good to feel so close to them..

We carried on along Barby straight and got to bridge 75, which is closing the canal early next year. When you look closely you can see why.

The cracks go down both sides and it has been repaired before.
We always sneak under it with care.
Just before the locks we were surprised to find how empty it was here.. This is normally a popular spot to moor during bad weather as it has all the facilities including a good Indian restaurant.

We then got to the locks and managed to spot a couple of bits of wood here, again the locks were in our favour and we made the most of it.

We got to the bottom and filled with water as they said temperatures could get to minus six tonight in rural areas.
We then moored up just before it was getting dark. It was getting very cold by this time and we were chilled to the bone and very pleased to get inside where the fire had been going all day and it was very toasty.
We relaxed in the evening with some music and got ourselves ready for a big day tomorrow..    

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