Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Recovery Day

In the morning we surfaced at 10.00am and Del started the day with his cut head still down the toilet and Al had a lump on her eyebrow and a bruise on her knee. Not Good! We spent the morning trying to hydrate and to eat something, but we had already decided today was a write off..
At lunchtime Al offered to cook a  Roast Lamb dinner to see if it would kick us into gear, she did so well to cook it, even though the smell was putting Del off eating it and normally you would love it..
It was put on the table and looked amazing and we started slowly by eating a few roast potatoes. They stayed down and we both were tucking into it like we were staving.. It did us both the power of good and brought us back into civilization. We watched some catch up telly and went to bed early in the hope we would feel more with it in the morning!

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