Thursday, November 09, 2017

Just a reminder

We woke up to a bright, but very cold morning. It was one of those mornings that reminds us why we want to do this..
In fact the whole day was a reminder that we love this life..  We untied the ropes and they were frozen solid and the roof was iced up, but with the mist on the water and the engine chuffing out condensation and the chimney smoking, it was bliss!
We got to the junction and the geese were flying over.
We had the whole canal to ourselves as we twisted and turned on this section.
There seemed to be loads of moorings and as we were starting to get cold, the smoking chimney tempted us to moor up and get warm, so a nice two hours cruise.
We managed to get some washing done on the way and when we stopped hung it out in the sunshine.
 Del did the brasses and cleaned up the outside for most of the day and Al did some paperwork jobs.
As the sun went down we were reminded again that we live in the best country in the world..


Judith nb Serena said...

It's a wonderful feeling to be doing what you most enjoy in life. May it long continue. It looked a wonderful day. Judith nb Serena

Del and Al said...

Thanks Judith, it was certainly one of those 'feel good' days. Hope all is going well with you and the family are settling in to boating life!