Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's all going on

Well its been a busy few days and we made our way down to Kent on Wednesday afternoon.. We first checked out Alf (Al's dad) to make sure he was ok from his admission into hospital. He was discharged after being thoroughly checked out..  he seemed fine when we saw him and he was preparing himself for going into hospital again on Thursday night for his zap on a tumour in his liver. 
We got up on Thursday after a bad night and did a few jobs round the house for Alf before getting ready for Del's Auntie Betty's funeral. We had to be at Eltham for 12.30pm and there met all the family and friends.. This is the thing with funerals, why are they a time when you meet up with long lost family and friends, surely we have all got it all wrong.. It was not a nice occasion, but it was just lovely to catch up with everyone.
She was a lovely Auntie and she will be sadly missed.. At the wake it was drinks all round and also all the old photos, here is one of Del's Auntie Betty and his Uncle Peter who now are both reunited.

There were some lovely memories in all the photos and they won't be forgotten. We had to go at 6.00pm as Alf had got a call to be admitted into hospital. Al picked up Alf's bag and then got the train to King's in London while Del looked after Pam ( Al's mum). Alf was settled and Al got back at 10.00pm.
After another bad night we were up early as Del was going back to Derwent6 and Al was visiting her Dad.. We got the train back into London while carers looked after Pam, and Del carried on to Rugby while Al went to see her Dad. Del had just got on the train out of Euston when he received a call from Al saying that Alf's operation had been cancelled due to his heart misfire, and he now has got to have a pacemaker fitted so he can have the operation to his tumour. This will be done in the next week or so.
Ho Hum we will be sitting tight, so Al can get down to support her Dad and it looks like Del will be moving Derwent6....
Al arrived back on Saturday afternoon and the sun has been out. This gave Del time to do the brasses and get Derwent6 shipshape.. We are now chilling and building up energy for the next phase..


Jill, Matilda Rose said...

We are so sorry that you are having such a rotten time - take care and happy anniversary for the 18th March

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jill, bet you're both excited now, not long to go !!! x