Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunshine at Last

We left early in the morning to bright sunshine and soon pulled up to the spot where Del had left the wood.
We were soon loaded and then set off again. We didn't get far before we were stopped by a boat being poled back under a bridge to a mooring spot. We were happy watching and waiting.
 After we got through we were out in the countryside soaking up the sunshine.
As we pulled into Braunston it still seemed very quiet, we then topped up with water and then pulled round onto the pump out at Braunston. The tank was only half full but we felt it needed a good flush out so we filled it with clean water and then gave it a good rinse.. We timed it right because as we left two boats arrived waiting to use the facilities.
We were going to go out of Braunston but we spotted the mooring we like opposite The Boathouse pub

We had some lunch and then settled down to watch the Winter Olympics and the FA Cup..  We did stop and chat to people walking by on a very pleasant Sunday afternoon..

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