Friday, August 02, 2013

Settled at Cropredy!

So we are settled here at Cropredy for the festival in a weeks time.. We had a look in the pubs and there is loads going on at the fringe. (The fringe is the music in the pubs). They have a band on every night starting on Friday right up to the Sunday after the festival, so ten days of evening entertainment... We will be trying them all and keeping you posted on what they are like, tasting the beer as we listen..  Oh sorry! you can't taste the beer!!
For anyone interested in how Cropredy Marina is getting on... Hmmmm As you all know it was supposed to be ready around the time of the Crick Show in May and was then postponed till the Cropredy Festival and then it was going to be the 12th August.. Well no way will it be ready..
It has water in it and the pontoons are in position but power, water and the buildings not started yet..
We had one guy turn up thinking he could go right in and he has had to go back to the Crick Marina. He got an e-mail saying it won't be ready for another two weeks after the 12th,making it the 26th. We don't think it will be ready till September.. What this space!
So we have got our spot and cut the grass, trimmed the hedgerows and made a hole in the trees to get our telly picture.. Sorted!
We are slowly getting over our trauma we had with Chris in the lock, and we have had no further update from Sylvia, his wife,  as of yet. Thanks again for all your lovely comments and just please remember take your time and keep safe guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

So pleased you are now at Cropedy & are getting over your trauma.Feeling very proud of the way you coped with the situation,such good news that Chris is recovering.Enjoy the festival as we're sure you will. Love, Mum & Keith xxxxxx