Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busy Banbury

We decided to move today, and we thought we would leave early to beat the rush at the water point. Some boaters had told us that yesterday they had a three hour wait to get to the tap, as everyone here was on the last drops out of their tanks.. We got through Cropredy lock and sure enough there was a boat on the water point, but the only one. We had to wait half a hour for them to fill up and empty waste containers before we were on..The tap here is quite fast and its just as well as Derwent6 has a big tank and it was down to a quarter full. We had put in a few containers of water during the festival just to keep us topped up and we could shower twice a day if we wanted to..  While we were on the tap three other boats got in the queue.. good timing we thought.. We were soon on our way out of the sleepy village after a week of mayhem, we have had a great time here...
It was nice to be cruising again and out in the countryside where you could see the fields had had loads of campers in over the weekend. Things were being packed away for another year, but this one will take some beating..
We got to Slat Mill lock and waited for a boat as it was in their favour.  It was then on through another two locks before heading into Banbury.
Our plan was to moor at Banbury and do some bloody chance!
There were boats everywhere, we just must have timed it wrong, not one space. We had to go through and under the lift bridge and through the lock in the town.
We then had to make a decision as to when to empty our poo tank..
We had a few more days left but our plan was to empty it here when we were full. We decided to try and take out a couple of containers. We managed to do this but it was busy here.. We then moved round the corner and managed to get a mooring on the tramline moorings for a trip into Morrisons and a shopping top up.
We then got just outside Banbury to another of our favourite moorings where there was one space left.. Phew! good phone signal, internet signal, telly signal, full of food, full of water, and half full waste tank, and we can chill, well so we thought!!!.... it started to rain.... so we will chill inside!!
It was nice to be out in the countryside again.

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