Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Needs Must

We had a very quiet weekend really as it was so cold we didn't feel like moving..We needed a waste pumpout but knew we could go another few more days. We needed to use the boatyard close by as we wanted the tank flushed this time. It would have been busy on Saturday and it was closed on Sunday, so it was fire roaring and watch the Rugby..We were glad we did as they were all good games...
Monday however we had to move. The waste tank was nudging ten and we were getting itchy feet anyway.. At 10.00am we pulled the pins and soon entered the boatyard.. We ended up paying eighteen pounds for a pumpout.....not like us to pay that but it was needs must.. We did say we wouldn't use this boatyard again but it just shows that sometimes you have to..  We needed gas, coal and diesel but we wouldn't buy it from them due to the silly prices. They were charging thirteen pounds for a bag of coal....

We then pushed on towards the Watford flight and on the way spotted some wood..It was a quick reverse and Al held Derwent6 while Del gathered it all up and stuck it on the roof..
We only had a days wood left and half a bag of coal so it was very handy.. We approached the flight of locks where we were going to get water at the bottom but there was a boat moored up on the water point.. Oh we were going to have a cup of coffee first he said.. We couldn't be bothered to comment and went straight into the lock as it was in our favour.. Al walked up to check that no one was coming down and the lock keeper wasn't on, and then gave Del the nod to come up..
We got to the top as everything was in our favour and in the top lock we got water..
It has been so empty with boats that we stayed in the lock and filled the tank..It takes a hour to fill Derwent6 and it was very quiet..
The cold was starting to get to us so we found a favourite spot of ours and moored up..
After something to eat and a hot drink Del started chopping the wood we had just got.. So the locker is now full of wood and we still have some left on the roof.. It is a nice spot here with the lambs bouncing in the field opposite us..
We had a lovely Shepards Pie on the go (what timing) and a relaxing evening ahead...Bloody Fantastic!!!


Les Biggs said...

Mmmm I remember a few years back that marina offered to put a birthday card in with their post for collection. It arrived for my grandson 10 days later!!!
And yes their prices were high as i remember.
PS I`m sure that wood looks like some I lost. LOL

Jo Lodge said...

Great photographs. £13 for a bag of coal flippen heck. I could have mailed you some coal cheaper than that hahahahaha. Happy cruising xx

Wozie said...

I hope those lambs didn't bounce right into your Shepherds Pie!