Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All good plans

Well the plan was to move today as we are coming up to our two weeks. We were up early and greeted with ice on the canal again, so it won't be today..We had planned to move up on the summit, but the ice was sure to be worse up there.... So we decided to top up the cupboards instead and get some fresh air..We got the bus into Daventry and went to Mr Tesco's, where we picked up all the heavy stuff, tins fruit, wine and beer.. When we got back the ice had melted a bit but it was still slushy..It was 1.00pm and we felt it was a bit late in the day to move..It was also getting colder and snow was in the air, so the fire was more inviting.. Al stayed in the warm in the afternoon and Del went out on his bike to warm up.. I think Del got the bum deal lol.. In the evening with nothing on telly, we listened to music all night..

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