Monday, February 04, 2013

Windy (and it's not Del this time!)

Wow! what a windy night. We are a bit exposed here and we were getting battered around. We had put extra fenders down and tightened the ropes but we were still being rocked.. So not much sleep we're afraid.. We had breakfast and then Al decided to have some shopping therapy as it was close to the end on the January sales and we have a big Next close to us.. Del went on the hunt for more wood and manage to find some close by. CART had been cutting trees down and this tree had the disease everyone is talking about and had to be pulled down.. A loss we know, but our gain.. Al got back at lunchtime when we had something to eat. While we were eating and it was still blowing a gale the coal boat came round the corner.. Mark on n,b, Callisto stopped and topped up our diesel tank and we took on a couple of bags of coal for that overnight heating.. 
After a sleepless night we both had a cat nap in the afternoon and watched some telly in the evening..We are still having problems with our telly and after trying a software update we now feel it is the tuner at fault.. so watch this space to see if we fix it.. It takes about a hour before it finds the correct signal and you can watch it.. Oh well who needs telly anyway!!

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nb piston broke said...

Del your TV may have the same fault mine had check the ariel entry on the back of the TV give it a SLOW wiggle and if you get reception youve got it you can carry out your own repaire like I did Regards Paul