Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Snow, more Snowmen

As we went to bed last night the rain turned to snow and as we got out of bed it was white again.. It was very slushy again but it got heavier as the morning went on..
We managed to make another snowman or snow rabbit..
Here are some snow swans...
The locks at Braunston are now closed so the traffic has gone all quiet here. Al went into Daventry again and sorted some things out and topped us up with food as the weather is going to turn colder again. Del cleaned out the bilge and topped up the greases. He chopped up what wood we have left on the roof and cleaned the flue on the chimney for our next cold snap.   The snow stopped just after lunch and Al got back from Daventry.
We relaxed in the warm heat from the stove in the afternoon reading and dozing.. With nothing on the telly it was listen to the radio for us..

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Jo Lodge said...

I thought the snowman/bunny was your hehehehe, very good. Plans are changing day by day again, with progress being made, we are off for blacking then have to head up to Whaley Bridge to Kuranda, so they can take a better look at our charger, so the Thames maybe on hold for this year. We may see you along the way, happy cruising.

Jo xxx