Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up the Crick without a paddle

Can you believe it!!!!!!!!!! another wet Crick boat show.

It was a nice day Saturday with blustery winds, poured all day Sunday, and cancelled on Monday.. but we were happy!

We managed to pick up a few bargains, like we got our painted buckby can, at a good price, and we picked up our Ecofan for just £64.95

It was great to see all our Fernwood friends and also meet up with some of our blogging friends as well.

Well, we're sitting here with no furniture, even the TV has gone and we're using the washing basket as a computer chair. (but we can't get rid of the computer just yet..) We are off to see Bruce Springsteen on Friday, and on Saturday we are having big a leaving party for all our friends and family, and then on Monday it's back to live with the parents for a bit.

Busy Busy Busy !!!!!

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