Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bulkheads fitted

What a surprise when we got to Fernwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart, Rob and Chris had all been working hard on Derwent6 and some of the side panels and lower tougue and groove panels had been fitted, and it looked just Fab....

The floor in the Saloon had been marked out for the furniture and all the wiring fed through into place. Here you can just see the markings on the floor for the two seater settee, and the mockup of the wood burner. On the port side you can see the sockets for the TV and speakers

Here you can see the bulkheads fitted from the galley into the dayroom and then into the bathroom, with the shower tray at the far end.

The floor was being laid as we checked the measurements in the bedroom.

It was good to see some progress to our new home, as we are so close to selling the one we are in at the moment.......We hope!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to see what progress has been made in your absence and glad you had such a fab holiday.

Time should move relatively swiftly now - especially once you've signed/exchanged contracts. What's the news on that front?

Joyce & Steve x

Peruvian Skies said...

Hi boat is looking fantastic, we are over next week so will have a closer look, as long as you dont mind!

Del and Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve

We are so pleased with the outcome so far, and are still quite chilled out from the holiday.We have now Exchanged contracts at last. (Wippee)

Del and Al said...

Hi Dick & Nettie

We don't mind!
We have also have been looking over yours, which also appears to be moving forward.
Hopefully see you at Crick?

MortimerBones said...


Del and Al said...

Thanks Bones